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Ice cream business on beach for sale

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Ice cream business on beach for sale

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Status: For Sale
Listing #: B-25101 KA
City: Sosua
Price: U$0
/ sq Meters:
/ sq Meters:

Ice Cream business on beach for sale.

What's the best for a successful business if not location on the first place? This bar is located right in the center of the famous Sosua Beach among the gift shops, bars and restaurants. It's the only one ice cream business on the beach for sale. And the only one business in Sosua which offers this particular type of the amazing SOFT ice cream in a waffle cone, which is so much loved not only by children, but by adults as well. Walking by the beach, everyone will notice the two huge colorful cones of ice cream. There are 2 Ice cream machines, each one makes 2 different flavors and the third one is the mix of these two. Also in this ice cream business on beach for sale there are 2 machines of frozens of 3 different flavors, one is currently in use, and another one is stored absolutely new. This Ice cream business on the beach is for sale with all the machines, equipment, cutlery and video security system. 2 cameras are inside of the bar and 1 is outside. Apart from the ice cream and frozens, you can serve drinks and cocktails, this bar already has the fridge-showcase to keep all the drinks cool.

This is the business for sale, not the land and building, as all the properties on the beach come within the 60m zone and controlled by the navy. The sales contract will transfer the ownership and will be registered with the local traders association for which there is a small registration and annual fee.

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Distance to airport (km): 8
Distance to airport (miles): 5
Distance to beach (km): 0
Distance to beach (miles): 0
Distance to shopping (km): 0.4
Distance to shopping (miles): 0.2
Distance to town (km): 0.4
Distance to town (miles): 0.2
Financing Available: Yes
Lattitude: 19.753779295786902
Longitude: -70.53840637207031
Listing #: B-25101
View: Beach front