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Land for sale in Jamao

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Land for sale in Jamao

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Status: Sold
Listing #: L-5039 JN
City: Sabaneta
Price: U$0
/ sq Meters:
Lot Size (sq Feet): 10832799 / sq Meters: 1006400

Land for sale in Jamao

This land with an area of 10.832.799 ft2 is currently operated as farmland. It is located in the hinterland of the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Given the location and hilly relief is it highly suitable for holding cattle, horses, fruit trees and exotic trees such as mahogany trees.

It is a typical Dominican farmland with its green hills and valleys with its palm trees. On this land are also a large quantity of mahogany trees that are sold at relatively high prices. Between the hills of this land is a small river that provides water for the animals. The land is located about 1.9 miles from the main road # 21 from Sabaneta to Moca and has 2 entrances on this road that lead to the ground.
The small village 3 miles from the land has some shops that sell basic food, the big village, Jamao, is 7.5 miles from the site.
For more information about this land and real estate in the Dominican Republic in general, please fill out the application form.

Lattitude: 19.67493161654446
Longitude: -70.38726194528863
Listing #: L-5039