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Wouldn’t it be great to live and sell real estate somewhere on a tropical Caribbean island?
If you have found yourself asking this question then you have come to the right place. Whether you are currently working or want to start a new career in real estate then you owe it to yourself to contact us today.

We have full positions available and are looking for motivated, self driven people with the desire to succeed to join our energetic and progressive thinking company. You provide the energy and we will provide everything you need to be a success in the real estate industry including company driven marketing, management support and proven tools and systems. And if you think that living and working in the Dominican Republic is difficult and complicated then you could not be further from the truth. We will assist you with re-location, visa and residency advice.

Real Estate is an exciting career where you control how fast and how far you want to go! Coldwell Banker has been in the industry since 1906 and as the #1 Rated Real Estate Franchise Company by Franchise Magazine; they know real estate and what it takes to succeed.

We have the highest sales volume of any national real estate franchise based on real Trends Top 500 double the volume of the nearest competitor. We were once again recognized by J.D. Power and Associates and were awarded the highest overall satisfaction for home sellers among international full service real estate firms award.

You need a company committed to getting you started, to educate, support and motivate you.  You need an organization with proven tools that top producers helped develop, design and use to give you the confidence to succeed from day one. We have more than 300 classes and continuing education programs available to you 24/7. You will receive 1-on-1 mentoring directly from one of the top Coldwell Banker US trainers.

Steps To Becoming A Realtor

A career in real estate is not for everyone, but if you have what it takes it can reward you like few other careers can.  This is a career made for high-energy types who have a way with people, know their way around a computer, and like the way their commision depends on their performance, not the company’s staffing budget.

Great sales representatives are excellent communicators who understand and listen to their client’s need to help them with their single most important investment – buying or selling their home.  Successful Realtors know how to handle objections and that a positive attitude is always the key to success.  It is not a nine-to-five job.  Being a Realtor means setting your own schedule and being your own boss, but success also requires professionalism, diligence and an ability to work with others.  It is true that success must be earned.  But, nobody said it had to be done slowly.  Welcome to real estate where there are no barriers to limit your success.


Coldwell Banker Invests In Your Success

At Coldwell Banker we will get you started on your path to success before you’ve even completed our induction requirements to get you fast-tracked in your new career.  This is your opportunity to become part of the most successful real estate organization in the world.  We are willing to invest in your future by providing in-house training, office orientation, plus expert help from our top producing agents.

Although previous experience is not required a basic knowledge of Spanish and any other languages would be an advantage, along with a good education, computer skills, a driver’s license and a car.


Why Work For Us?

At Coldwell Banker Amber Coast Realty we provide the respected name, the systems, the tools, the support, the management and the atmosphere to help ordinary (and extraordinary) people accomplish serious financial goals. We accomplish those goals, however, in ways that are quite different from other firms.


We take ethics seriously. Management supports immediate co-brokering to all, exposure of listings to the widest audience in the shortest time and rigorous enforcement of the real estate ethics. Our customers expect honest and ethical treatment in all transaction–related matters. At every step of a transaction, we take our fiduciary responsibilities into account.


We are passionate about this wonderful business. We help our customers and clients realize their dreams. We help families find a place to build memories. We deal with life experiences and someone’s largest (and probably best) investment. We put smiles in people’s hearts and a twinkle in their aspirations. We look for people who understand and can connect with this emotional and highly personal business and who find in it a dream career about which they become passionate.


At Coldwell Banker Amber Coast Realty we are not only serious about real estate but we know that to be successful in the area market everyone also has to laugh, sometime a little, sometimes a lot. We think humor is so important to the success of our jobs that smiling is a requirement of working here, right from the start.
National Name Brand: We put the Coldwell Banker name next to our high standards, because this world wide name provides all of our agents with not only instant name recognition and respect, but the national and international network necessary for today’s full-service real estate agent to do a thorough job and assist clients with all their real estate needs. It provides our agents with a network of referrals that builds their business.


For new agents or experienced agents, we have both. In a world and business that is rapidly changing, “doing things the old way” doesn’t work. Technology, demographic patterns, and popular psychology create ever shifting needs. Training on how to prospect, how to build and keep a business, how to list, how to work with buyers, how to qualify prospects, develop relationships; handle objections and so much more. In addition, day-to-day, need-by-need training is provided in our offices by managers, senior agents, and for experienced agents there is:


Additionally, we offer computer training, MLS training, CB NET training, and more. In short, we continue the Coldwell Banker 100+ year old tradition of setting the standard for real estate brokerage training. Coldwell Banker University is available 24/7 providing insightful tips on how to make more from your business. No other company offers such easily retrievable on-line training on such topics as: “eMarketing”, “Discover the Difference”, and “Boost” (a high-accountability program designed for experienced sales associates that promotes best practice sharing, networking, and working smarter, not harder). Plus, CBU’s newest hit is “Success Series” which covers everything from listings to negotiation strategies, designed to help you build your business fast.

When you join us you will experience the difference when you work for a real estate company that also works for you.
If you think that you have what it takes to be a successful real estate agent then you need to contact us today.