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Cabarete is noted for its tourism, beaches and water sports and more recently for its unique and affordable real estate properties. There are few places in the world where one can purchase a beach front condo at such reasonable prices. From pre construction condos to private homes and villas, you can find your dream property right here in Cabarete. The town was founded in 1835 by Zephaniah Kingsley (as part of his Mayorasgo de Koka estate) along with his mixed-race family, and 53 slaves he freed from his Florida plantations and brought here while the island was under Haitian administration. Anna Kingsley owned a house in the harbor that stretched out to the sea. Several descendants of the Kingsleys and of the former slaves live in the area today.

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About Cabarete:

Rumor has it that Cabarete is the most cosmopolitan small town in the Western Hemisphere, because there are people from all over the world living in this small surf village.  All are drawn to the fantastic beach, nightlife and variety of extreme sports which has helped it get its reputation as one of the Caribbean’s most fun place.  There is strip of restaurants along that beach with outdoor seating. These restaurants are a great place to catch dinner and watch the sunset. Once the sun goes down the restaurants turn into nightclubs that offer late night drinking and dancing directly on the beach.

Kiteboarding in Cabarete:
 The kite boarding in Cabarete is world class.  Every years Cabarete hosts the PKRA World Cup and the Masters of the Ocean event attracting the top kite boarders in the world. Interestingly enough one of the top ranked kite boarders in the world is a Cabarete local. Warm water and various surf breaks, a fun crowd and an abundance of people to kite with all add to the mystique.  Adding to this are the local kids who are often experts themselves. If you are looking for a kite school you don`t have to look very far as Cabarete boasts more than 15 fully qualified schools. Ideal conditions attract beginners from all over the world. Kite beach is the center focal point, and is about around 4 km from Cabarete town; it has sandy beaches and areas to launch your kite, perfect conditions and a reef 300 meters from shore. Beginners don’t kite on the reef, but as a more experienced kiter it can be a lot of fun.  They are the only ones with a rescue boat should you run into difficulty.
Cabarete has several other places to go kite surfing as well.
Next to downtown Cabarete is Bozo Beach, a  5 minute walk from Cabarete centre.  It often has a bad shore break and slightly more onshore wind, and kiting on the reef can be dangerous, as it is about 2 km out should you run into trouble.

When you are ready for big waves and proper kite surfing, go to Encuentro beach. Normally this is a wave spot for surfing,  but when the wind is on the surfers don`t head out, allowing the kiter’s a chance to hit the fantastic waves  This is a place for advanced kite surfers only, but everyone should go there to try normal surfing.
6 km east from Cabarete is a place called La Boca. This is a river mouth with really flat water. Just be careful of any submerged obstacles and also be aware the river is very narrow.  Afterwards you can go out of the river mouth and do a long down winder back to Cabarete.

Surfing : The entire north coast of the DR offers world class surfing.  Encuentro is the focal point, with 4 breaks, 5 surf schools, rentals, board shops and tons of surfers to mingle with.

Cabarete Caves: will first involve visiting the starting point of the tour which is the El Choco National Park. This national park is spaced over an astonishing land area of 23% of the total land area of the country. It is a lush green diversified area and classified as a “National Monument”. There are guided tours offered to the tourist so that you will be able to understand the natural, geological and historical significance of the spot and the particular attractions encompassed within.
The guide will take the tourist through a total of six caves, of which the last cave has the additional attraction of a crystal clear pool where you can go for swimming, so it is better to bring your swimsuit along. The guide will explain how these caves had been formed over a long process of time as well as add some other historical facts on the area. The guide will then most probably take you for an expedition to the subtropical woodland where you will be able to explore the natural vegetation of the region.
Whether you are into extreme sports or just want to relax on the spectacular beach and watch the world go by, Cabarete is the place for you.