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Cofresi is located 10 km West of Puerto Plata and named after Roberto Cofresi (1791-1825) better known as, El Pirata Cofresi, who in 1818 decided to become a pirate and organized a crew composed of eight to ten men from his hometown.

The men established a hideout in Mona Island, a small island located between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

It was a common practice then for the Spanish Crown to look the other way when pirates such as Cofresí attacked ships that did not carry the Spanish flag.

The town had its humble beginnings as a small fishing village but is now a resort community consisting of higher-end hotels and exclusive private villas where owners fly in by helicopter from nearby Puerto Plata airport.

The bay itself is spectacular, with soft golden sand giving way to crystal clear waters. One of the area’s major attractions is the Ocean World Marine & Water Park, hosting the world’s largest dolphin lagoon, the only sea lion encounter of its kind, the world’s first shark interaction pool, as well as many other exotic animals, birds, reptiles and fish.
There is also a marina for wealthy boat owners to moor while playing in the Casino on the quayside.

All the properties are within walking distance of the beach where there are a number of restaurants and small shops. Many of the properties are perched on the hills that surround the bay and offer panoramic views of ocean and mountains.