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Dressing your house for success can make the big difference in the sale speed and price. Any property enhancements will assist in obtaining a better price for your property.

Remember, the phrase ‘Love at first sight’ can also apply to property.

Follow these simple steps so your property will be much more presentable to prospective buyers.


  • If it has a garden then keep the grass cut and plants the pruned.
  • Make sure that there is not any garbage or rubble in front of the property.
  • If there is any grass or plants in front of the property they make sure that they are maintained.
  • Make sure that the exterior walls are clean and tidy. If they need a coat of paint then do so prior to listing your property.
  • The windows should be clean and make sure that there are no broken panes of glass.
  • The door of main entrance should be properly maintained and place two plant pots one on each side.
  • If their property has tiles, replace those that are broken or replace the missing ones. Repair and clean any drain pipes.
  • Keep the roof free of garbage and leaves that can block the drains.


The kitchen can be one of the most important rooms in the property and can also define the sale of a property. Make sure that you take care of the following details prior to the visit of a prospective purchaser:

  • Make sure that the kitchen is always clean and tidy.
  • Keep the stove free of grease.
  • Make sure that the garbage can is not in view and is also empty.
  • Always maintain the floor and walls clean. Make sure that the floor tile grout is free of dirt.
  • Make sure that there are no dirty dishes lying around and that all dishes are in the cupboards.
  • Make sure that all the cupboards are in order.

Bathrooms are also very important and can reflect on the success of a property sale.
Maintain clean towels on the towel rack.

  • Place an air freshening in a discreet location such as behind the toilet.
  • Keep personal articles inside cabinet.
  • If necessary clean mosaics and tiles to avoid fungus or mould.
  • Make sure there are no dirty clothes on the floor.
  • Maintain the bathroom ventilated to avoid unpleasant scents.

Another very important area within the property is the bedroom.

  • Always make sure that the beds are made and that any pillows are neatly placed.
  • Make sure that there are no clothes lying around.
  • Make sure that all clothes are neatly stored inside the closets and that all drawers are closed.
  • Make sure that all personal grooming items are stored away.
  • Maintain the curtains open to allow more light.
  • Before the appointment air the bedrooms and discretely place an air freshener.



  • Maintain the patio free of leaves and soil.
  • If you have a pool make sure that it is crystal clear and free of inflatable pool toys.
  • Make sure that the garbage cans are covered and are stored away out of sight.
  • Do not have clothes drying on the washing line
  • Avoid keeping television or radio at high volume.
  • Do not use any loud electronic equipment such as vacuum cleaner, blender etc. whilst a client is visiting your property.
  • Classical or new age music at low volume can be effective to create a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Place natural flowers at the living room and bathrooms, they will give a fresh scent and a pleasant view.
  • Use scent bars or air freshener with lemon scent or cinnamon in the living room area, but do not over do it.
  • If you are a smoker, air the house very well and clean the ashtrays. If at all possible do not smoke in the property a couple of hours prior to the client’s arrival.

Seeing to these simple details can heavily affect the sale of your property. Remember that when a client is viewing your property they are going to try and visualize it as their future home, and having your property as presentable as possible will help them feel much more comfortable.