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What was once a sleepy little town, Sosua now offers its visitors first class hotel accommodations, casinos, great seafood and international cuisine restaurants, and some of the most vibrant nightlife in the Dominican Republic.

Sosua is one of the fastest growing towns in the Dominican Republic and there are numerous international companies that are now investing in the area creating some of the best real estate opportunities in the entire Caribbean. By far one of the prettiest spots on the North Coast, Sosua is situated on a breathtaking bay spotted with white sand beaches, rock formations and luxurious homes and resorts. Many would say that Sosua’s crescent-shaped beach hugged by a sheltering cove bracketed by Los Charamicos to the West and El Batey to the East is the country’s most beautiful beach.

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About Sosua:

Sosua history: In 1938, during the Evian Conference, (an international conference called by Franklin D. Roosevelt seeking help for the Jewish communities and protecting them from Hitler’s Nazi regime). Thirty three countries attended this conference but only one country, the Dominican Republic, offered to grant large numbers of Jews sanctuary. President Rafael Trujillo offered to accept up to 100,000 Jewish refugees. About 800 German and Austrian Jewish refugees received visas by the Dominican government between 1940 and 1945 and settled in Sosua.[3] The government provided them with land and resources with which they created a dairy and cheese factory, named Productos Sosua, still in existence today. Descendants of the original settlers still live in Sosua, where they maintain a synagogue and a museum.

With the exception of the Jewish community, the town was little known until tourism took off in the island in the mid 80`s and has now been a top tourist destination for Europeans for nearly three decades. There is a very large expatriate community in Sosua, which consists of mostly European, American, and Canadian expats and its vibrant streets are punctuated with casual European-style open air restaurants, bars and cafes.   The nightlife is compelling here too, with discos jumping into the early morning hours. Another nightlife option is the casino at Playa Chiquita or at Sosua Bay, where they offer slots, blackjack, roulette, craps and Caribbean poker. This once sleepy fishing village, Sosua is now a top tourist destination as evidenced by the wealth of bars, restaurants and shops that line its streets. Despite this, Sosua has hung onto a small town charm that is all its own.

Sosua Beach: The main attraction of Sosua is the beach, the shops, restaurants and of course the night life. Sosua beach is a U-shaped beach of fine white sands in a sheltered cove. Multiple water sports can be hired right on the beach. Snorkeling is a popular option. Snorkelers can swim about 150 feet from shore and find coral reefs with delightful opportunities to take underwater pictures of flounder, parrot fish, grouper, porcupine and dozens of other varieties of fish. The water is very calm in most areas and is crystal clear on most days. The beach is lined from one end to the other with restaurants and bars serving both Dominican and International food. One of the most popular dishes served on the beach is fried fish, a whole fish served with rice and plantains. Wherever you go throughout the Dominican Republic, you will always find this dish served on the local beaches.

Sosua diving: Sosua diving offers ideal conditions as the bay is relatively calm all year round, with very little current or surge, making this a perfect place to discover the underwater world for beginners. For the more experienced of you Sosua offer deep, wall and wreck dives. Visibility in winter is around 12 meters and during the summer this increases to up to 35 meters. There are plenty of hard and soft corals, sponges and fish, with the average water temperature between 26C and 29C. Occasional visitors to Sosua shores include manta rays, whales, nurse sharks and whale sharks.

For beginners there are a lot of interesting sites like, the Three Rocks and the Five Rocks. Both sites don’t go any deeper than 19m and have a lot of fish and nice corals.

Pyramid is a dive spot for beginners who like to dive in caves as it’s at a depth of 5-18m while as Palmera is a nice coral covered wall with overhangs and small tunnels.

More advanced divers can enjoy the Zingara Wreck at a depth of 28-36m.
In the year 1994 a small cargo ship with loading crane and tonnage was sank for divers. Doors and windows were taken away to give a safe dive. This new habitat is now thriving with marine life.

No matter what you are looking for, whether it be diving through sunken ships, lying under a coconut palm on the beach or taking in the vibrant nightlife, Sosua is one of the most exciting places on the North coast.